My Sixty Second Encounter

I’ve had moments where I’ve tapped out and I’m standing over myself and I’m observing the relationships around me, my finances, my job, the amount of weight I’ve gained.  It only last for about sixty seconds but sixty seconds is a long enough to see all the mistakes you’ve made. It’s really a strange thing to try to explain.  After these “encounters” with myself I always get really excited about changing my life and getting back to doing things I used to enjoy before I was boggled down with all my responsibilities.

A few months ago, I decided no more playing it safe and I reenrolled in school. Going back to school wasn’t the challenge. It was returning to my initial major Mass Communications. I was reluctant because I felt like I’m too old to try to start again! I figured I’d try somethings on my own without having to attend class and be responsible for assignments. Besides I’m way too busy with work, parenting, entrepreneurship etc. and the thought of adding something new was overwhelming.  But sometimes you must go back to the basics… go back to doing the things you love to reconnect with your purpose.

I had this blog and I had neglected it for a long time. I really wanted to use it to hopefully encourage people but I left it abandoned and almost forgotten about. I eventually decided to return to school for Mass Communications and I enrolled in Convergence Media which is basically a Multimedia/Digital Story Telling class and the first thing we were required to do is open a Word Press blog. Eureka!

This is what I wanted right?! I was responsible for posting a new blog each week. Which was good because It was making me discipline however, it was challenging at times to keep up the weekly posts. Yes, I was one of the oldest people in the class and there were times I had to ask the same questions 3 or 4 times to make sure I understood. Now that class has ended I will continue with my weekly blog post and I will be taking more Mass Communication courses. So, my words of wisdom are…stay the course and go back to the basics.

Until next time…

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