What Season Are you In?


I had a chance to sit down and catch up with Melonie of Fit Diva and she had a lot to say about balancing all the many roles that she plays.

“How do I manage being a wife, mom, work and enturpurnuership? Honestly this was a very hard question to unpack because, like most women majority of the time I feel like I’m failing at them all. As I grow im learning to celebrate myself more and that includes really digging deep to aknowlage I’m actually winning NOT failing at all of the hats I wear.

The best words I can use to say HOW are “FOUNDATION” AND SEASONS. I have lived to learn how to KEEP my FAITH & FAMILIES as the FOUNDATION of my roles and let everything else become important or priority over the other in its own season. I have learned how to make every role in my life work for each other in the right season. In this seasons I need my 9 to 5 to fund the vision that drives my business.

This KEEPS me super focused and determined to soak up as many tools and skills and foster good relationships from corporate America to apply to Fit Diva. Now don’t get me wrong things do fall through the cracks and some things go in lack from time to time but those times have taught me how to step back and take breaks so that I can re- assess my priorities.

When I feel like I am spinning out of control I pause and plug into my life sources. I ask for clarity from GOD and comfort from my husband and kids. These are some of the tools and concepts I apply to change the naritve of NOT being a FAILURE but a consistant SUCCESS at all of the things I have been called to do IN THEIR RIGHTFUL SEASONS”!

I can totally relate to Melonie’s message about seasons and finding balance to pursue the things God has predestined you to do!

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Strawberry Shortcake Remix


It’s been raining all day today in fact it’s rained all summer. I decided to make me a sweet treat and cozy up in my bed.

I remixed my favorite dessert Strawberry Shortcake! It was truly what I needed on a day like today!

Strawberry Shortcake remix!


Glazed Donuts

Cool Whip

Strawberries 🍓



Ice cream scooper


Air fryer


Chopping board


Line air fryer with foil. Place donut in air fryer over foil. Cook between 3-5 minutes at 350. No need no turn over…just check in after a minute or two. No two donuts are the same so it comes down to your preference and I prefer crispy!

While the donut is the Air fryer cut the stems off of the strawberries and cut them in half.

Follow this example for cutting your strawberries 🍓

Remove donut with a spatula and place on to plate. Top with a scoop of cool whip and fresh strawberries 🍓 Remember this is the remix so you can top it with peaches, blueberries, raspberries whatever your heart desires!

Unit next time…

Start Small & Start From Home


Calling all visionaries, entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs now is the time to pursue your dreams and walk in your true purpose. We have more down time than before so here’s the “sign” you’ve been waiting for!

There’s a lot of uncertainty when you’re starting a new business and over the years, I’ve attempted to do it all. I’ve tried catering, I made jewelry, and sled published a book the list goes on and on. I’m a single parent and to have to work full time!

I set weekly and monthly goals and every day I work towards them. Some days it’s a struggle to push myself because it can be discouraging and exhausting but if I don’t do it who will? You can’t wait around for someone to “discover” you the Bible says Faith without works is dead James 2 ( I’m paraphrasing) and the world says no pain not gain & no risk no reward! You get the point!

Some days I brainstorm ideas or research other successful businesses. In the past I didn’t have the resources to take any of my ideas to the next level.  Although, catering and jewelry design are businesses that you can run out of your home, they can also be costly when your sales are inconsistent!

Here it is… my one useful business tip: FOCUS! I wished that someone would’ve told me to focus on one type of jewelry piece, such as; bracelets. You can make different variations of bracelets without ever making the same piece twice. I can not stress the importance of sticking to one type of jewelry in the beginning, it keeps the cost and the pressure down. Regardless, of what people tell you. They’ll have you spending money, designing and taking time from your family but they’re not buying.  Now, there are always exceptions to the rule: if you have a special order, a wedding event for example, make sure you secure a deposit before purchasing additional supplies. Over time add necklaces, rings etc. Set a goal of how much money and time you can invest.

In the case of my failed attempt at catering, I’ve learned to start with something you specialize in such as sandwiches or desserts.  Again, focus on your specialty and then build your menu. You can hold tasting parties, to gage what people prefer and that’s a good way to network and market your business.

Remember, Tracie from Pretty’ N Lashed? Tracie has started her business right from home, where she can still manage her household and has no overhead expenses. Her supplies will last for months at a time. She doesn’t have much to maintain and she’s profiting! Look at the video below to check out Tracie’s in home work station.


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The Beauty Of Black Women

Playing Dress Up

Most little girls play dress up and put on their mother’s heels, make up and like to feel like a princess. All our story books are filled with stories of romance. The sweet innocent princess is rescued by the handsome charming prince. As the story goes, Snow White  was under a spell and it took “true loves kiss” to wake her! As children, we think romance and beauty is what we see on tv. A fair skin young lady is seen as beautiful and women of color are portrayed as sassy.  When I was younger I remember seeing black women dancing around in videos in a very sexual way. The music was vulgar and the women appeared aggressive. Fast forward twenty something years later and not too much has changed. Black women are seen as aggressive and are unappreciated.

As a kid I thought beauty was fashion and makeup. I never considered the complexion of someone’s skin, social economic status etc as beauty. If your dress was nice and handbag was pretty I thought that that was beauty. As an adult I see beauty in everything. I see beauty in nature and in art! I want to know how other black women feel about beauty and how black women are perceived in society.  I decided to sit with Brandi Turner to get her take on beauty.

The Many Images of Black Women

As Brandi mentioned there are many different shades of black women. Which is a good thing! This idea that lighter skin black women are somehow more attractive than darker skin black women is a LIE! The lie continues to live because of how black women are portrayed in society and media. Remember the story of Snow White she was seen as sweet and innocent and needed to be rescued. She spoke softly and had fair skin. There are women that are that way, however, when you’re not why are you seen as loud, angry or obnoxious?  As black women society tends to go a step further and if we don’t take on that image we are seen as aggressive, rebellious and angry!


I was raised by a single mother and I’m now a single parent. Obviously, no one plans to be a single parent, however, things happen.  There are fewer black women married than any other race.  Black men are more likely to date outside their race.

We’re not all single mothers there are plenty of successful black married couples. Meet Tamica Webb, she has been married to Peter for almost five years they have one son and a week ago she graduated from Columbia College and she’s’ my younger cousin!  Tamica and I sat down and talked about her perception of beauty as a black woman.


Society plays a major role in the way we view beauty! I see beauty in everything. It’s so much more than the outer appearance of person. I’m so bored with videos, movies and all the images around us that try to push their beauty standards on to us.

You never see a full-figured women as the love interest in a movie as if full figured women aren’t being pursued! Why does the blonde have to play dumb?  Stop buying into the hype. I’m over it! I love beauty and fashion just like the next person but I buy what I like and if what I like just so happens to be on trend…well that’s even better!

A Table For One Please

I’ve recently purged my refrigerator.  For the most part I eat healthy but I tend to over indulge in sweets. I love pastries and cheese cake and chocolate is dreamy! I also eat a lot of  Teriyaki sauce &  Szechuan sauce and store bought salad dressings etc. which are loaded with sugar and other additives.   I’m not saying that I’m never going to have pastries or salad dressing…I’m just saying that I’m learning to make my own Szechuan sauce and or sweet treats.  We have to remember to eat in moderation and take time to prep and plan our meals. I know it’s a struggle and a sacrifice of our time but we’re worth it!

After my purge I was left with fresh carrots zucchini and a bag of Kale among other things. I remember my co worker mentioning something about trying sautéed Kale. I decided to give it a go. I’m NO chef… this is just a simple recipe/guide I created.


  • I used less than one half 12 oz bag of Organic Kale from Aldi.
  • 1 chopped medium size onion ( I didn’t need the whole onion… based on the amount of  Kale I cooked but I love onions.  1 medium onion is fine for a 12 oz bag of Kale)
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • Kosher Salt
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Tongs and or large spoon
  • Vegetable broth isn’t needed but it may be be useful

It’s a very simple recipe/guide that you can use as a side or main dish and it only takes 15 minutes. You can cook it longer if you don’t like the tender- crisp veggies and add a little vegetable broth. I like to feel a little crunch when I bite into my veggies! I like texture when I eat.  My son didn’t seem interested until I was scarfing it down and then he decided he wanted some. He’s 14 and can be picky but he really liked it I had to make a second batch. I added one tablespoon of broth.  Both times it was delicious! However, we both preferred the first batch the second batch was a little more tender because of the broth.

I used a medium frying pan . Whatever size pan you use add enough olive oil that will fully coat the bottom of the pan. If you plan to make a large batch consider using a dutch oven.  I used about 3-4 tablespoons.

Add chopped onions and seasonings to the pan. I went a little heavy on the red pepper flakes because I wanted it be spicy!  You can use your favorites.  Use how much seasoning you’d normally use on your sautéed veggies you know what your family likes. Cook 3 minutes or so on medium heat.


Add Kale and toss it with tongs or a large spoon making sure it’s nice and coated. If it’s not completed coated drizzle a little olive oil and cover pan for 5 minutes or so.  Again, you may have to adjust the time if you’re making a larger batch. Cook until the liquid has evaporated. If it’s not as tender as you’d like add a tiny drizzle of Olive Oil, cover and cook  it a little longer. Remember if you don’t like the “crunch” when you bite into your veggies add a couple tablespoons of vegetable broth. In fact…you can start with adding a little vegetable broth with the olive oil and let it cook covered for 5 minutes. However, if you add broth be sure to use less seasoning because the broth adds flavor and you don’t want to over power the Kale with too much seasoning. Remove from burner, let it stand for a couple of minutes and serve as a side dish or for Meatless Mondays!


It can get a little messy if you don’t have a large enough pan or if you feel the need to pick out some the Kale as you cook. I picked out a few pieces that were wilted.


Until next time…