Who Asked For Your Opinion?


How far is too far? How do you know when to give you opinion? Now, I know that I ALWAYS have an opinion about everything well at least for the most part.  I try to keep my objections of other people’s opinions to myself and  focus on what I agree with. However, I have certain trigger topics like race relations, discrimination, sexism etc. that I always feel the need to address. I don’t know how to turn it off.  Topics like “who wore it best” isn’t of great importance to me.  So, my response if any is limited. 85% of the time I tend to water down my opinion.   If everyone gave 100% of their opinion we wouldn’t have anyone in our lives. Besides, who really cares what I don’t like. If you specifically ask me “what’s your opinion” I’ll give you an honest answer.   I guess the fact that I say, “I keep it real” is limited to my life and not others.

Some people are very sensitive and or insecure and they’ll sort of shut down and stop communicating if your opinion is contrary to what the believe to be truth. I’m a confident person but if your opinion touches on something I’m insecure about…I’ll withdraw a little a bit to allow myself time to process the comment. If I’m extremely confident about a skill that I have and someone negatively critiques it.  It’ll make me feel a certain way but I’ll bounce back.


Parents have no boundaries they will voluntarily give an opinion about every area of your life. There is nothing off limits! Nothing! As soon as you get over one objection they will have another and the process continues and you can’t do anything about it! Nothing!  I’ve tried it all! What about siblings and extended family members should we extend the same grace?  What if your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncle etc. feel as though they can give their perspective on your life choices…  should you tell them to butt out! It depends on the mood I’m in!  It’s hard say when it’s family! I don’t have an official answer to explain how to best give your opinion. Evaluate how you approach others in regards to your opinion.

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