Marriage, Is It Right For Me? (Part II)

Allow Him to pour into you. Don’t compare your partner to the last person you dated or to your friends and family who went through something similar. Their experiences are helpful at times. However, you cannot walk in peace and reverence with God if you only refer to their experiences. You don’t want to limit what God is able do in your life. He will only operate within what you believe. So, if you believe all men cheat, then that’s what you will deal with. When you marry the person that God has ordained to be your spouse, you will need to grow closer to God and keep Him centered in the marriage, not the kids, routines, vacations, or another repair to your body or your house. Some people think, if we add another child to the family, things will be better for my husband and me. Or maybe if I get a better paying job. Maybe I should lose some weight. Or, when the kids get a little older, we will be okay.

The truth is you will be okay when the two of you seek God together and find out what he has for the two of you to do. Petition the Lord for an assignment. Be prepared for what he may show you. He may tell you to have a Bible study in your home. He may say that you need to slow down and seek Him more. Again, marriage is not about how the world views it. Look to God for discernment and know that marriage is God, man, and wife. They are one in the same, just as God is the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. You can’t have one without the other.

Are there any family traditions or childhood experiences that have affected how you view marriage? If so, how did you work to overcome them? Do you struggle with commitment, and why do you think that is? Has God given you a mission for your marriage?

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2 thoughts on “Marriage, Is It Right For Me? (Part II)”

  1. I feel like god has given me a mission for for my marriage me and my husband and i know we have to live up to it and trust in him and i feel like we can help others. getting married at a young age and not under standing the meaning of marriage having a baby out of your marriage when u is a child outside of the marriage now knowing how to respect ur husband and most of all putting some one higher then u put god… cheating and etc. we will help others who get married at young ages and show them what we went threw and how we over came it how we both was very broken and un happy people and tried to become 1. it happen but we had to endure alot of pain and sorrow before it got to be good. our marriage to me will be a testimony and a messege to others because i know god have a calling on us. Our marriage statement is Trust. Trusting in God and threw all our experinces even now thats what we learning how to do

  2. Yes, There were some family traditions that i had an i carried with me into my marriage into my past relationships. my first one was my mouth not knowing how to talk to someone. making a person feel less then who they were. Being very indenpedent not knowing how to let a man be a man because i was raised around alot single moms and independent women. trust i didnt trust alot of men because of what i been threw and things i seen my family members go threw. I had to get married and exeperince the worst part of my life to relize what i needed to do i had to go threw some diffcult times threw out my marriage to even learn how to really call on god. I had reach my breaking point. I had to leave my marriage and or get seperated from my husband and watch him move on and close the door on me and hurt me in ways that i never thought i would care about because of the way i treated him and what i chose to accept because i didnt let god pour into me i didnt trust in him. but going threw 10 months of all type of different experince learning that when u look around wasnt no one there but him god and u see how ur attitude is when rerunning all these things threw ur head and showing u what u did wrong and how u wasnt no better or how u talked to him as if he was the scum of the earth and then wanted something different or feeling like i can treat u like this because of who i am and u should be honor. but the whole time i had issues. I was broken and lost and i needed help. God has humble me and showed me how to be wise and showed me how to only be concern with what he has in store for me. from Nov.15 2014 til Sept 4th,2015 I went threw and overcame a trail and testimony that i thought will never end of hurt,pain,accomplishent,strength, love, joy,wisdom, respect, peace….. and i became a new woman and i have a different and completey happy and healthier marriage because now i know that god is my marriage and that no demon or person can tell me different he has a purpose for us. i understand my value as a wife and the meaning of a marriage and my respondablties as a wife. and my as a woman… now im working on my minstery and my calling…

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