Do You Have A P.O.A (Plan Of Action)?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my thirty-seven years on this earth! My life has been filled with so many cringeworthy moments. At my age it’s a lot easier to identify how many of my actions, thoughts and desires contributed to these “moments”.  I will sometimes lie down on the bed with my head prompted on my pillow, reflecting on the things in my life that has or hasn’t change. Don’t get me wrong I say this with gladness. It’s important for me to learn from my mistakes and my successes. I want both to be used to encourage someone else.

If the course you’re on isn’t working, then it’s time to change the course! The next stage is to jot down ideas and goals that you want to accomplish, set long and short-term goals.  In the past I’ve struggled with barely meeting my goals. Now, I’ve learned to modify my approach on goal setting. Like starting with weekly, daily, monthly and annual goals. For example, if the goal is to work out at least 3 hours each week.  Select three to five days out of the week and dedicate them to working out. Consider a goal of 90 minutes per week and then set a goal to increase to 3 hours. If you want to change your diet and eat more veggie meals etc. devote one day a week to eating a meatless meal, you can increase it over time. Your daily goal is determined by your weekly goal and your weekly goal is determined by your monthly goal and so on and so forth. This formula is how you create a P.O.A (PLAN OF ACTION).  Creating a P.O.A is time consuming, you have to find the time and invest in yourself, I believe we’re worth it!

We have to press through the tiredness, discouragement and remind ourselves of our goals and stay focus on the task at hand.


Let’s take over 2018 and live in abundance!


Until next time…



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