Launch Out Into The Deep For Love

The ole saying “there’s more fish in the sea” is a massive understatement. There are so many different species that dwell in deep waters and will equally satisfy your craving of love. But you must be open to trying something different.  It’s good to change things up. I hate when people say that there aren’t any good men and women when the truth is they need to be more open.  Take a chance and let things happen naturally. I used to try and be in control of how a guy should be packaged…dress, smell, physical appearance etc. Which is stupid because what if you met  a man dressed really well and smells nice at an upscale event. The chemistry is great, he’s charming and seems really into you. In your mind you’ve already planned your wedding and then you find out that he has slept with more than half of the women attending the event. What do you do become another woman he’s conquered? The same is true for men, if you are extremely attractive to woman but can’t trust to leave her alone in the room with your boys or you know nothing about her personal interests.  Maybe it’s time to change things up a little bit if you’re serious about love.

It’s more to dating than physical attractions. Now, wait a minute…I’m not suggesting you should give up on  physical attraction. H O W E V E R,  train yourself to appreciate other attributes. When I was younger a guy that was dark skin with gold teeth, and had a nice car was enough!  At 37 I’m more concerned with credit score, delinquent taxes, investments…just to name a few.  Yes, you should want to know all these things if you’re planning to share a future.

We put so much pressure on dating. For some reason we believe our potential spouse has to be within our same community, race, social economic status or even age range etc. Again, remain open and pray about all things.

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