Kyona L. Robinson

Blended Families part I

The highlight of my weekend was sleeping in and rushing out of the house with my son to meet with my friend and her two boys to attend a birthday party.  Our mutual friend was having a birthday party for her biracial fraternal twin boys who turned one! Their mother is African-American and father is white. The mother has a daughter from a previous relationship who is also African-American. We arrived late and little anxious but after being greeted by two 4 ft Elmo balloons we couldn’t help but feel at ease and welcomed. Both families were in attendance, they were all very nice and there wasn’t any friction or confusion. We were all there to celebrate the twins and believe me everything was all about them.  There were two of everything, two 3 tier cakes, with candles that  shot out a few sparks, opened up, spun around and played music. The food was catered and again it was a really friendly pleasant environment. I couldn’t help but keep my eyes  focused on the parents. They made such a cute couple and seem really happy! The dad is so in love with his boys! The parents were working together to keep the boys still so we could take pictures of them. While I was snapping pictures with my phone I couldn’t help but think that blended families are the new normal. Traditionally you see African-American men dating outside of their race and usually African-American women, we hang on faithful and true to them. I think we need to be open to the possibility of finding love outside of our race. My perspective on how a family should live is biblically based however, my perspective on how a family should look has changed.

Blended Families pt. 2 will follow…

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