It’s Time To Shake Things Up In My Life…

I’ve been really working hard at exploring my life and not living in fear. I’ve decided that I’m going get back to doing things I enjoy and  I will try to be open to expanding my circle and really try to find comfort in being a little uncomfortable. However, some days it is hard to be to adventurous when you’re doing your routine errands. There have been times that I wanted to have a tantrum. Really, I literal wanted to scream, cry and shout while I stood in the grocery store line. I get it. I get why toddlers would rather break down into tears and fall to the floor. But as adults we can’t, we have to keep it moving! No one has time to really have a tantrum in fact most days we’re really too busy to take good care of ourselves. We like to imagine how better our lives would be if we really did have the time to prepare healthier meals, exercise regularly or more often and have an active social life. I don’t even remember how a social life looks.  I usually end my day being self-indulgent  in front of my computer, tv or mobile device. But, I am committed to becoming a better me!  I think I need to find away to schedule ME in my schedule…

Until next time…

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