Episode 126: Interview with Kyona Robinson Pt. 1

Episode 126: Interview with Kyona Robinson Pt. 1

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Press Through

I haven’t blogged in a really long time and with all of the things happening in the US, there’s plenty to talk about. I have so many things to share, but I will keep it simple and focus on what’s been pressing at my heart.

I spent time with a really good friend of mine this weekend and we were talking about life, faith, family and community. She said something that really resonated with me…she said, “we need to turn our pain into purpose”. She’s right! With all the crime, racial and political division, depression, poverty etc. it is easy to get caught up in the hype of it all. We’re so focused on the presidential campaign that we’re forgetting people are still without basic needs, food, shelter, clothing.

This has been a really emotional year for me. With all of the many challenges I’ve faced this year such as; someone breaking into my home and struggling to replace the things that were stolen from my family. My eleven year old is now too afraid to sleep in his room or live in the house. The good thing is we live in a rental and the lease will be up next month. It’s been hard to pull up in front of a house that was vandalized and call it home. I wanted to break my lease and run away I felt so violated but, I had to press through and encourage my son when I needed someone to encourage me. Some of the people at work were shocked when I told them about the robbery because I kept smiling and coming in to work. You have to press through the bad days in order to get to the good days.

We all have something that we’re struggling with. We must move forward and redirect our focus from our pain and turn into something purposeful. Participate in a cause or group that shares your same life mission. Help others to overcome their fears and challenges. Start a group or a club with other like minded people. Do whatever it takes to start feeling better about life. Someone needs to know your story because it will give them hope and empower them to be free.

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Blended Families part II

As I stated previously, blended families are the new norm. When you really think about it every relationship we have is blended in some way. Our closes relationships are with people who we share similar ideas about business, parenting, faith etc.  We learn from one another we blend our ides to in order to build relationships. There are some people  who you don’t connect with because you’re not able to  blend your ideas with theirs. When two people come together and become one they share not only a last name but they’re blending their beliefs about faith, family, politics etc. Couples within the same race  have to blend these same ideas and just because you share a race with someone doesn’t automatically guarantee you will rest  on shared idea.  From my perspective a person’s beliefs & culture are common reasons for couples to call it quits, regardless of their race.   You can have people from two different races who maybe weren’t raised culturally the same but because the share the same beliefs about family, faith etc the chances of them having a successful marriage in highly likely.  I guess when you think about it we put too much emphasis on culture and race and not enough on one’s belief system.

As a saved single parent I am more concerned about a person’s beliefs and relationship with God. My life is built around my relationship with Jesus Christ and I am only interested in  dating one who beliefs are the same as mine. I can negotiate geographical preferences, however, I can’t compromise my belief system. It can be challenging at times to blend families that have children from previous relationships. You have to consider not only the beliefs of you and your potential partner, you have to also consider the beliefs of the bio parents. That can be tough when you chose to run your household in a certain manner that is contrary to the beliefs of the bio parent. All parties have to be committed first to what is best for the child and hopefully from there you can build a solid foundation that  will work out for the best.  In some circumstances you  may have to make the decision to walk away.

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Blended Families part I

The highlight of my weekend was sleeping in and rushing out of the house with my son to meet with my friend and her two boys to attend a birthday party.  Our mutual friend was having a birthday party for her biracial fraternal twin boys who turned one! Their mother is African-American and father is white. The mother has a daughter from a previous relationship who is also African-American. We arrived late and little anxious but after being greeted by two 4 ft Elmo balloons we couldn’t help but feel at ease and welcomed. Both families were in attendance, they were all very nice and there wasn’t any friction or confusion. We were all there to celebrate the twins and believe me everything was all about them.  There were two of everything, two 3 tier cakes, with candles that  shot out a few sparks, opened up, spun around and played music. The food was catered and again it was a really friendly pleasant environment. I couldn’t help but keep my eyes  focused on the parents. They made such a cute couple and seem really happy! The dad is so in love with his boys! The parents were working together to keep the boys still so we could take pictures of them. While I was snapping pictures with my phone I couldn’t help but think that blended families are the new normal. Traditionally you see African-American men dating outside of their race and usually African-American women, we hang on faithful and true to them. I think we need to be open to the possibility of finding love outside of our race. My perspective on how a family should live is biblically based however, my perspective on how a family should look has changed.

Blended Families pt. 2 will follow…

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