Remorse Anyone?

My nine-year old son and I were talking in the car last evening about the word “recall.”  He heard the word being used to describe cars that were being recalled. I asked him to define the word “recall” he explained as best he could and he did a good job. Being a mother I over explained what  “recall”  means in order to be sure he understood in hopes that he will use it properly in the future. In my explanation I used the word “retract” and provided an example.  This morning I woke up feeling remorseful about something that I engaged in later that evening.  This morning I found myself lying in bed replaying my evening beginning with the conversation I had with my son and wishing that I could take back everything that happened later in the night.  I began to remember that I have exposed my eyes and ears to a lot of the things that haven’t always been good for me. There has been times I wanted to retract something hurtful I have said to someone. Unfortunately, we are sometimes too prideful to do so other times we just don’t how much we have affected the other person.  I think that it is good to feel remorse because you change they way you live your life. I don’t believe in living in the past. But ,you can learn from the past and you can use it as fuel to power you through to the next phase of your life. Who can really go through life without remorse of any kind?

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