Pretty ‘N Lashed: Lash Extensions

For decades’ women have sometimes tortured themselves all in the name of beauty & I’m one of them! I have put myself in plenty of uncomfortable situations in order to strut around in a new pair of stilettos!  Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Tracie of “Pretty N’ Lashed to discuss extension lashes. She’s a wife, mother and a serial crafter. She’s also a lover of everything feminine & frilly. Tracie has now added entrepreneur to her many roles. As a Certified Lash Technician she applies extension mink lashes which can take up to an hour per visit , however, extension lashes are more natural and desirable than synthetic lashes. They compliment your eyes instead weighing  down your eyelids with globs of glue! An hour doesn’t sound too bad when you want quality work!  She invited me into her home to observe her work on one of her clients!


If you want to know more about the history of lashes take a peep at TakeShe Eyelashes


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