Black History Month In 2015…

Recently, I discovered that America isn’t the only country that celebrates Black history month. Canadians have celebrated some form of black history long before the US. It began as a week and is now celebrated during the entire month of February. Most of us can’t imagine living during the time of the Civil War or the Civil Rights era which was approximately a century apart. But the truth is, within one century there was very little progress made between the masses. The sixties ushered in a lot of great movements including the Civil Rights movement. I can’t help but feel as though some cities across America are still very racially divided and I know that most people would like to believe that racism is dead in America, but after all of the riots in Ferguson, MO this summer you can’t help but be reminded how separated we all really are. There’s a disconnect somewhere and I don’t know if it’s fear or ignorance that triggers racism. We are so busy with being at odds with one another that we can’t see how similar we are as Americans. Black history month is a time to celebrate ALL who have contributed to the Civil Rights movement and the advancement of African Americans. There were more than African Americans that risked their lives to end segregation and empower others. There were Americans from all walks of life that devoted themselves to end segregation and promote equality. In my household we see Black history month as American history and NOT Black history. As Americans we should all see it this way. Enjoy this month and challenge yourself to embrace someone’s else’s culture.

Until next time…

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