Moral Compass

I’m not a judge nor a member of the judicial system, however, I try to use my moral compass to navigate through life. I’m not surprised by the verdict on the Mike Brown case. But as a mom I don’t know how to explain to my nine-year old son that the world see’s him differently than I do. I see a pure child, a prophet, a pastor a young man of GOD and the world only see’s him as a potential hoodlum and or thug. I have to explain to him that his life is not valued the same as his white male counterparts. I pray for peace in  my city. I was born and raised in  the city of Saint Louis and I currently live near Ferguson, MO. As a women of God, I don’t feel that rioting will replace the lost of the Brown’s  family or others who have lost family from unforeseen police brutality.However, as a believer  in Yahweh, I have prayed for peace over my city and understanding for those who can’t understand the pain that I feel as a member of not only the black race but also a member of  the Saint Louis community. I grew up in an environment where I saw young men constantly under attacked for just being black. Whether you agree with the verdict or not. MURDER is not the answer for every unforeseen action. May GOD Almighty continue to bless this wonderful nation. I declare and decree peace in this nation, in Jesus name amen.

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  1. Kyona your letter just brought me to tears it is really sad that we have to have this conversation with our sons about them not being looked at as equals to other non black males I have enough stress with explaining how important it is to get a good education in school and don’t let other kids pick on you and get you down now this but its something I have to do so he will not be naive to the fact that you will get looked at in a certain way by others that are not of your ethnicity and treated differently

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