Jalapeño Ranch Dipping Sauce


Today is the second episode of my new lifestyle cooking show Lifestyle Of A Foodie on Tasteontv.com. Today I’ll be making turkey burgers and I made a jalapeño ranch dipping sauce. It taste so good and so spicy 🌶 I don’t normally eat ranch but I promise you’ll enjoy it.

You can eat it on your burgers, raw veggies and hot wings.


  1. I cup of ranch salad dressing
  1. I dozen chopped jalapeños
  1. Tablespoon of chopped green onion give or take a few. It all depends on your preference.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and serve. I like to let mine chill because I like the cool contrast from the dipping sauce and my hot turkey burger.

Don’t forget to tune into Lifestyle Of A Foodie every Wednesday at 11 am and 4 pm cst!

Until next time…

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