Five Benefits Of Probiotics

A few weeks ago I was thinking about trying some sort of digestive cleanse but I didn’t have money to waste. I was serious about changing my diet and lifestyle and I was told to start with cleaning my digestive system. I did my homework and the words “probiotic” and “digestive system” were linked together.

The past few weeks I’ve started each morning with a 8 oz of glass Goodbelly Probiotic Juice  and walking. There are various probiotic juice brands like Lifeway Kefir which is a very popular and established brand within the health industry. Goodbelly is a newer brand and I chose it because it has a 12 day challenge, a Facebook support group and provides a coupon to cover 4 of 12 days. One quart is 4 servings or 4 days.

I knew how to eat healthy but my portions were way too large. For example, grapes are good for you…but if you eat a whole bag of grapes you will increase your daily amount of carbohydrates, fiber and calories. Which can contribute to weight gain. I used to crave sugar, dairy and carbohydrates. I had it bad!




Probiotic can be taken in pill form, juice, probiotic snack bars, yogurt, sauerkraut and other foods. Probiotics thrives on the bad bacteria in your gut. I made a few simple changes in my diet and now I’m on my way to repairing my leaky gut! It’s important to be proactive about what I put into my body. Bad bacteria thrive on sugar, processed foods like cereal, potatoes, bread, dairy etc. Which are all the things I enjoy the most!

Five Benefits of Probiotics

  1. Weight Loss

  2. Bloating

  3. Allergies

  4. Constipation

  5. Vaginal Health

There are MANY more benefits, however, I decided to go with five. You can find it in the Juice/Dairy section of most local grocery stores!

My sugar & dairy addiction has subsided. It’s more mental…if I see it… I want it but I’m satisfied after a couple of bites and then I pitch the rest. I’ve also reduced my portions. Yesterday, I ate a pear and 1 oz of raw almonds for breakfast and I was satisfied. Most importantly I’m not sluggish and drained all the time which allows me to be more active.

Please take a look at the video below. It may be a little lengthy but it has some really good information about probiotic and your digestive system.

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What’sThe Obession All About?

There’s so much obsession about weight loss and body image. Everyone wants to lose weight now and most women will go to any lengths to shed the pounds even if risks harming themselves.  The media bombards us with imagery that we can never obtain because it’s not even real! Those images have been altered in some way to keep you always wanting more! We’re always trying to reinvent ourselves, we pluck, we wax, we stretch, the list goes on and on!  If you really want to change how you look start with diet and exercise. There aren’t any short cuts to healthy living. You just work at it every day and if you have a bad day…start again and again until you’ve conquered it.

There are just as many men overweight as there are women. The thing is society doesn’t put as much pressure on men to shed the pounds.  A man can grow out his beard, wears a nice suit and that will mask how society views his obesity. I’m not saying that men don’t struggle with body image because I know that that they do, however, how often do you see beauty ads for men in comparison to women?!

Obesity is a problem in the US for men and women and children.  If you’re like me and you don’t like working out for hours in a gym try going for a run or walk. I’m really trying to put an effort into being more active but I learned that what you eat can be more effective than hitting up the gym a few times a week. 

I’m guilty of over indulging in sweets and spending more time applying makeup and styling my hair than working out! To be honest, I don’t work out at all, but again I do enjoy a nice stroll! So… as I start my new weight loss journey. I have committed myself to changing up my diet, less sugars, more water, you know, the basics. I have a created a fun visualization on obesity and healthy eating using Pikotchart.