Let Us Not Be Weary In Well Doing

Yo, I’m back!

Since I’ve been gone I’ve done a lot of reflecting. More importantly I survived corona. I was diagnosed at the end of June and it was tough for a couple weeks but I’m back to myself and more motivated than before. The worst thing about being sick is the possibility of infecting others and I passed the virus to my 15 year old son and his symptoms were a little different from mine. We’re both fine now 🙏🏾

Between corona, the BLM movement, the economy, and white Nationalist spewing hate the world is running amuck right now. So for those us who pray and are believers we need to be praying more than ever.

We’re in a crisis and no political party will save us. Be blessed.

Until next time…

Managing Stress

We’re all really busy and we sometimes fail at taking care of ourselves. In the past I’ve  struggled with extreme levels of anxiety.  More recently,  I’ve  been pretty chill and it has a lot to do with me changing how I view my circumstances.  I see the glass as has full  instead of half empty!

Take a listen to my “Car Chronicles” on mediation & stress management!

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Stop Waiting To Be Happy

Stop obsessing about tomorrow and learn to enjoy where you are right now!

If you need a friendly reminder click on the audio below and check out my

“Car Chronicles”

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