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Blended Families part I

The highlight of my weekend was sleeping in and rushing out of the house with my son to meet with my friend and her two

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It’s Time To Shake Things Up In My Life…

I’ve been really working hard at exploring my life and not living in fear. I’ve decided that I’m going get back to doing things I enjoy

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Remorse Anyone?

My nine-year old son and I were talking in the car last evening about the word “recall.”  He heard the word being used to describe

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Fear Not…

It feels as though I have heard every famous quote ever written about fear. Such as the famous quote written by our 32nd President, Franklin

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Learn To Enjoy The Here & Now

I was driving down the street yesterday evening and all of sudden I saw my life flash before my eyes.  No, I didn’t get in

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How Do You Feel Today?

Everyday is a new day for a fresh start. Try not to let what happened yesterday or the day before affect what you’re doing today!

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