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Simple Living…

With all of the ideas, meetings, discussions & decisions etc. that are thrown at us each day. It’s not surprising that most of us are

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Sense Of Urgency

Christians are becoming the minority and our beliefs are seen as out dated and old fashion. The world wants us to change with the times.

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The Power Of Women

How many people really know that March is Women’s history month? I’m sure very few people do. I can honestly say that until recently I

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Black History Month In 2015…

Recently, I discovered that America isn’t the only country that celebrates Black history month. Canadians have celebrated some form of black history long before the

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Moral Compass

I’m not a judge nor a member of the judicial system, however, I try to use my moral compass to navigate through life. I’m not

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Blended Families part II

As I stated previously, blended families are the new norm. When you really think about it every relationship we have is blended in some way.

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