5 Easy Steps To Breaking Habits


I’m all about self-improvement and I have a few bad habits that I’d like to break such as going to bed without brushing me teeth that’s one of my lesser crimes 😉. It’s so easy to cozy up in bed buried under the covers.  I decided that I am going to create a new night time routine and set a nightly alarm on my phone to remind myself to adhere to the new routine.

 Dictionary.com defines habit as “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary: the habit of looking both ways before crossing the street.”

Here’s a few tips to get started with having a healthier lifestyle and breaking a habit.

  1. Identify the habit
  2. Identity what caused the habit.
  3. Why does it needs to be changed?
  4. Create an alternative.
  5. Implement the change.


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All You Need Is A Tub Of Vaseline

The beauty industry is a multibillion-dollar industry consisting of cosmetics, perfumes, skin & hair care, nail salons, spas just to name a few. We all contribute to this industry on some level. Consumers buy cosmetics, shaving cream or barrettes for your child. The largest percentage of sales are from skin care and or cosmetics.

Skin care products can be expensive and I’m really working at being more fiscally responsible. A lot of my money is spent on fashion/clothing, beauty products and food. I usually buy cosmetics that are on sale and a lot of my products are from retail/chain and drug stores like Target and Walgreens. Department store cosmetics are more expensive and are sometimes overrated, I rock with what I can afford.

Beauty products are not one size fit all you must find products that not only work with your complexion but with your skin type.

Truthfully, most of us can get by with using a tub of Vaseline and drinking PLENTY of (you should drink half of your body weight) water to achieve healthy skin. You can also try using home remedies. I make my own sugar scrub that works as a skin exfoliate and removes chaffing, I combine sugar, honey and lemon. I’m always experimenting with something!  I’ve seen people use gelatin and egg whites to make a facial mask to clean their pores.  So, before you spend more money check out what’s in your kitchen!

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Beauty: Men vs Women

Hi guys. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on beauty from both a male and  female perspective. Obviously, I’m not a man it it’s just my take… based on my personal experiences with men. In the future I really want to talk a little more on this topic.

Drop some comments… I want to know what you guys think about this post.


I rambled a lit bit, but I’m confident you’ll enjoy it!


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Managing Stress

We’re all really busy and we sometimes fail at taking care of ourselves. In the past I’ve  struggled with extreme levels of anxiety.  More recently,  I’ve  been pretty chill and it has a lot to do with me changing how I view my circumstances.  I see the glass as has full  instead of half empty!

Take a listen to my “Car Chronicles” on mediation & stress management!

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Who Are You Really?

With all of the distractions around us it’s easy to lose site of  who you are and who you want to be. I had to take some time to unplug from social media, tv, phone etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hype. The funny thing is a lot of people don’t think that they’ve “drunk the Kool-Aid”, because their not taking selfies, following fashion trends and keeping up with celebrity gossip…you know, the usual!  We’re all drinking the Kool-Aid of the social gravitational pull.

I did some self reflecting and I asked myself a simple question “When am I the most happiest”? My follow up response started with  “I am most happiest when I”… from there I listed all the things that make feel fulfilled as a individual. I wanted to list real truths from my heart. Truths that have nothing to do with something I’ve read or watched someone else achieve and tried to claim it for myself. Ofcourse you can be inspired by others however, don’t  invest time in something that you’re not passionate about!

art business close up decor
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Please don’t let people push their insecurites and doubts on to you. So my advice is to take a pen to paper the good ole fashion way and start your sentence the same as I have and create your list.  I know it seems elementary but It works! It really helped me gain perspective and I’m working at readjusting my life to line up the things that make me the most happiest!

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