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Do You Romanticize Relationships?

Leave the past in the past...After a relationship ends and you’ve moved on we sometimes ...
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Chub Rub

Spring is here and we’re exchanging our long pants for dresses, skirts and swimsuits. This ...
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5 Easy Steps To Breaking Habits

Hello, I’m all about self-improvement and I have a few bad habits that I’d like ...
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Start Small & Start From Home

Hi, Calling all visionaries, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs now is the time to pursue your ...
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Chicken Marsala

Repost: Ok today’s episode I decided to make chicken Marsala! Until next time ...
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Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Hey, I know we’re all working on our “new year new you” journey! Which is ...
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Pineapple Rum & Mojito Mocktail Receipe

Hi, Spring is my second favorite season! Most insects, flowers, plants are dormant during the ...
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Roasted Sweet Potato’s & Brussels Sprouts

I’m back! Did you miss me? If you’re looking for side dish or a main ...
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6 Kitchen Must Haves Under $5

Heyyyyyy, I went to Ross looking for uniform pants for my son and I walked ...
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Red Velvet Pancakes With Raspberry Butter ToppingSource

Red Velvet Pancakes With Raspberry Butter ToppingSourceRed Velvet Pancakes With Raspberry Butter ToppingSource ...
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Pre Opp Gastric Bypass Liquid Diet

Hey, I didn’t do a great job with the liquid diet but I did manage ...
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Stuffed Peppers

Check out my stuffed peppers recipe. it’s an easy week night meal! Until next ...
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