I Found Myself Again…

Setting and obtaining goals challenges us and changes our perception on life and others around us. We live in a society where people like to survey, conclude and speculate in order to form a conclusion on who they think that we are.

Life is a personal journey. You can share the same experiences with someone and have totally different perceptions. Our culture, education, social economic status etc. shape our perceptions. Life is tough, regardless of your financial success. Let’s say while working at balancing life and family you meet someone or something that triggers an interst that you buried inside yourself.

(It could be an interest in being a musician, learning a foreign language in the country of origin or leaning to fly a plane).

This encounter immediately changed you for the better. Now you can’t stop thinking about it and you’re determined to pursue or recconect to the interst. See the thing is…this interst is such a big part of who you’re suppose to be but no one knows or just can’t remember, they’ve already formed a conclusion on how they think you are. The truth is you forgot and now are too excited to turn away. It’s like you were asleep for a long time and now you’re finally awake. I know, I know, that you have responsiblites and obligations and now you’re questioning your ablities. You want to tell people but they may not get it and then you have run the risk of feeling rejected. So you give them what they want, you give them the outdated version of yourself and you hide all the updates. The difference between now and then is, you’ve experienced some things you have some hard times and you’ve had had some really good times. Your approach is different. You can’t go back now. You’ve been revived. So now you have to…

Check out part II

Until next time…

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