Simple Living…

With all of the ideas, meetings, discussions & decisions etc. that are thrown at us each day. It’s not surprising that most of us are exhausted & aren’t really enjoying our life. Sure, there are times that we feel fulfilled and excited about what our next project will be! However, most of the time we’re running on fumes & feel defeated. I want to be able to say that there is a way to never experience stress or feeling unappreciated but the truth is it takes work on our part to really live in abundance. Although, living in abundance doesn’t mean that we’re drama free. It means that we’ve found a way to live a fulfilling & meaningful life with purpose. If you’re debt free & money isn’t an issue, that doesn’t mean that you’re living a meaningful life. I’m learning that it is good to live simpler. When I cut back a little on whatever it is that I like to indulge in…in that moment I feel less pressure and overtime I find my life to be more meaningful and my emotions shift from feeling defeated to feeling satisfied and then my purpose becomes more clear to me.

Until next time…

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